Who is the team behind the Joomla! Framework?

Andrew Eddie, Ian MacLennan, Michael Babker, David Hurley, Rouven Wessling and Don Gilbert. In addition to the “core maintainers”, we have a large community of developers that contribute to the project on an ongoing basis. Over 110 developers have contributed code, tests and documentation to the project.

List of people who have made contributions to the Framework during development of 1.0, in alphabetical order:


Andrew Eddie

Chad Windnagle

Daniele Rosario

David Hurley

David Jardin

Diana Neculai

Don Gilbert

Eirik Sletteberg

Elijah Madden

Florian Voutzinos

George Wilson

Ian MacLennan

Javier Gomez

Louis Landry

Michael Babker

Nikolai Plath

Nils Rückmann

Pascal Borreli

Piotr Gasiorowski


Simon Asika

Rouven Weßling


Ryan Boog

Parth Lawate

Jessica Dunbar

Duke Speer